HIRED UP! Strategies for Finding a J-O-B


Being  unemployed for an extended amount of time can lead to an almost impossible situation: The stress and depression that often results from being jobless can be a detriment to the motivation you need to look for work and the happy face you must present to a prospective employer when you finally do get that interview.

The following is a list of tips, advice, and encouragement I compiled for my own long term search for work. Everything from writing a better resume to developing a focused job strategy to marketing yourself and your unique talents and skills. Hopefully you’ll find something of use below or at least a little inspiration. Please leave me comments and let me know about YOUR job search, what’s most frustrating, what’s worked for you, and any tips you might have for the rest of us. Good luck and keep the faith. 


Most resumes are scanned and not read. And these days many aren’t even scanned by human eyes, but by computer programs that search for keywords. Below you’ll find a number of Links to free and easy-to-use online resume creators as well as Articles and Videos offering resume tips and tricks.

  • Resume.com  Create and share your resume online. Upload and edit your existing resume, or use the Resume.com wizard to create a new one.
  • CVmkr.com  An easy to use Resume Wizard with the option to export your finished resume to different formats: PDF, HTML…
  • Resume Builder v4.8  Free 9 Day Trial   Choose from more than fifteen different resume styles. Sample resumes and resume examples. Integration with Microsoft Office. The software comes with an internal database of recruitment companies and employers contacts. Create, modify or remove your contact records easily. Resume Builder includes an e-mail messaging system. Integration with Outlook Express. Several cover letter examples. HTML tags editor for making your resume look professional with bullet-ed lists and more. As well as the option to upload photo or other graphics.
  • List of Free Resume Creators on About.com

Lose that generic “Objective” and replace it with a more specific and informative ‘Summary” of your Career History

A career summary is a section of your resume that includes a brief, targeted overview of your experience, skills, and accomplishments.




Career assessments are tools that are designed to help you understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., interests, values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact your potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments.




Some of the best job sites are traditional job boards, like Monster and CareerBuilder. Others, like Indeed.com, allow you to search many job boards, company career pages, associations, and other sites that list jobs.

There are also sites that focus on certain types of positions or match you with employers, like Realmatch. All of them are worth incorporating into your job search, because not all employers list on every site.


CareerBuilder is among the top job sites with thousands of job postings and resumes. The site has partnered with many newspapers to provide local as well as national job listings. CareerBuilder also powers the career sites for more than 10,000 Web sites, including 140 newspapers and leading portals such as MSN and AOL.


If you’re interested in a seasonal job, start your search with CoolWorks. CoolWorks lists thousands of summer and seasonal jobs. There’s a free weekly email newsletter and the opportunity to sign-up for a free email account to use for your job search.


Indeed includes millions of job listings from thousands of web sites, including company career pages, job boards, newspaper classifieds, associations, and blogs. Any job search can be saved as an email alert, so new jobs are delivered daily. Job seekers may also search job trends and salaries, read and participate in discussion forums, research companies and even find people working for companies of interest through their online social networks.


LinkedIn is the top career networking site and an excellent way to connect with people who can help with your job search and/or who work at a company you’re interested in. In addition, LinkedIn has a Jobs section where you can search for positions by keyword and location, or use the Advanced Search option to search for listings by even more specific criteria.


LinkUp is a job search engine that uncovers unadvertised jobs listed on company web sites. LinkUp monitors thousands of small, mid-sized, and large company career sections in order to connect applicants with unadvertised jobs by listing the jobs on company web sites.


From a numbers perspective, Monster continues to be the top job board site. Positions range from hourly local jobs to professional positions in just about every career field.


SimplyHired searches thousands of job boards, classifieds, and company sites. Advanced search options include type of job, type of company, keyword, location, and the date the job was posted.


US.jobs lists thousands of jobs directly from company websites and from state job banks. The site is the non profit National Labor Exchange provided by DirectEmployers and The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA).









Develop a Strategic Plan that includes Social Media, Networking, Personal Branding and more to stand out from the masses.

 Youtube Video for Career Search Strategy 2.0

Career Search Strategies 2.0 is a comprehensive, 3-hour webinar event that offers today’s job seeker the most cutting-edge tools, tips, technologies and strategies to rise above the competition. The program starts by creating a strong brand and powerful resume and free website to effectively market your unique brand and qualifications. The program also provides invaluable tools and strategies in social media marketing utilizing 2.0 tools like LinkedIn and Twitter to create awareness and excitement about your profile. Other topics include creating a compelling and powerful Interview Presentation Package, interviewing techniques and skills, along with powerful networking tools, scripts and templates to ensure your success in the job search.


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  • Job Search Strategy Myths  An interesting article from from New York City career coach Win Sheffield which emphasizes the importance of Attitude/Enthusiaism/Passion when job searching.




Personal branding describes the process by which individuals and entrepreneurs differentiate themselves and stand out from a crowd by identifying and articulating their unique value proposition, whether professional or personal, and then leveraging it across platforms with a consistent message and image to achieve a specific goal.

Dan Schawbel

Personal Branding Gen-Y Expert


“The most important opinion you have is the one you have of yourself, and the most significant things you say all day are those things you say to yourself.”

  • Anxiety, Depression and the Job Search   Based on the advice of psychologists and mental health experts, the stories on this site identify precisely what layoff survivors are likely to experience and solutions to combat the stress and anxiety that can lead to depression.
  • JibberJobber  Advocacy for the Job Seeker. A great blog on everything from jobsearching to managing your mental health while unemployed

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