Uttering the Dark

Suffering gives meaning to Life, enunciates its importance, just as Life gives meaning to suffering, gives suffering a “something that matters” or a “something to matter for”. You matter, despite and because of your suffering. And Life matters because of you, and sometimes in spite of you. There can be no light without darkness. A darkness that demands and deserves our attention. When we attend to our dark we acknowledge those parts of us neglected and rejected because shameful, aching.

The dark in our pain, though undesired, is poignant. Darkness gives us depth because darkness has depth,lives in depth, is depth. We can spend our lives dreading the coming of the dark or we can turn toward it when we gleam it in the distance, fixing its gaze in our direction. Turn toward it and meet it. Give it the gift of our attention and quite possibly be granted the gift of its depth.

                                                              What’s Your Story?

An abundance of literature suggests that using some form of creative art to tell your story has a healing effect on emotional and physical health. Whether writing, painting, music, dancing, crafts, multi media or any other creative work, the important thing is to give it a narrative, a sequence of events or experiences. Bring out of you what is broken, suffering, hurt and allow it to whisper and weave its tale. Let it speak the facts as facts or allow it to speak in symbols and images and fiction. Let it tell its story.


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